Sustainable packaging material

Online mail order is booming - and as a result so is the number of parcel deliveries and the amount of packaging that is needed.

It would be great if there was an affordable packaging solution which was easy to handle but still sustainable. CycleFill® is all of these things - and more!

It's so easy

Cyclefill Step 1

1. Unroll the CycleFill® from the coreless reel...
Cyclefill Step 2

2. crumple up ...

Cyclefill Step 3

3. tear off ...

Cyclefill Step 4

4. and fill the package with the shock-proof padding.

CycleFill® has the following advantages when compared with alternative fillers:

No machinery required

  • No investments, leasing agreements or maintenance costs
  • No outages due to machine downtimes
  • No contractual obligation to buy expensive filling materials

Ease of handling

  • Use directly from the roll or via a dispenser -> Space-saving dispenser available on request
  • No staff training needed
  • Lightweight rolls
  • A special soft and smooth paper quality avoids injuries to employees

Takes up very little space

  • Both in the warehouse and in the workplace
  • 1 roll fills up 1.25 m³ = 70 times the original roll
  • 1 pallet of CycleFill® produces a total fill volume of 41.25 m³

Environmentally friendly and sustainable

  • Made from 100% recycled paper
  • Produced in a closed material loop
  • No residual waste – CycleFill® is coreless and has no outer packaging
  • A compact material that is efficient to transport and produces low levels of CO2 emissions
  • CycleFill® paper can be compressed down to 5% of the original volume
  • Disposal in normal paper recycling - ease of handling for the end user

    Product specifications

Thickness 80 gsm
Size (Width x Length) 35 cm x 450 m
Weight/roll 12,6 kg
External diameter/roll approx. 25,5 cm
Rolls per layer and pallet 11 / 33
Pallet height 120 cm, euro-pallet